The 2017 Web Marketing Cheat Sheet

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Jeffrey Kranz Overthink Group
Jeffrey Kranz, Overthink Group CEO

Steal a content marketing agency’s best tactics for yourself

You want to ace your marketing goals next year. And to do that, you know you need to try new ideas—marketing tactics you’ve never tried before.

But your new ideas need to work.

No pressure, right?

Well, your marketing plan for 2017 just got easier to write

That’s because the Overthink Group crew and I have put together a cheat sheet for you. We list our greatest hits: five content marketing tactics that absolutely killed it for our clients in 2016. And I’m sharing those tactics with you.

These are the ideas we’ve used to help our clients:

  • Beat out competitors in Google’s search results
  • Dramatically lower cost per lead
  • Blow revenue goals out of the water
  • Grow massive audiences

That’s right. You get our hit list of winning ideas. For nothing. (Not even a pitch to hire Overthink Group.)

5 proven, brilliant, underrated tactics

The cool thing is, these aren’t the kinds of tactics that you see the gurus raving about. These are the ideas that fly right under the radar. The ones that are too brilliantly simple to get a lot of attention.

And we’re sharing them with you.

It’s like corporate espionage, except it’s totally ethical because I want you to use these ideas.

Plus . . .

I don’t just lay out the tactics, either. I give you some examples for taking each principle and applying it directly to your own business. You’ll have plenty of starter ideas so your team can implement these tactics in ways that makes sense for you.

Steal my best ideas now!

Don’t guess or gamble with your content marketing plan next year. Steal the ideas that are killing it for me and my clients and use them yourself.

Just tell me who you are and where to send your copy of the cheat sheet.