Meet Overthink Group

We’re a small team of high-end content lynchpins.

The main crew

We’re the core of Overthink Group. We handle about 95% of the work (including making up statistics about division of labor).

Jeffrey Kranz Laura Kranz Jayson Bradley Tyrel Tjoelker Ryan Nelson

Jeffrey Kranz, CEO

Jeffrey believes great content helps people make wise decisions. He’s the guy coming up with creative, metrics-minded game plans for our clients’ success.

Laura Kranz, strategist

Laura keeps Overthink Group hyperprolific. She’s 20X’d marketing channels, and uses data-driven decisions to help our clients (and us) grow.

Jayson Bradley, writer

Jayson is our in-house author: he writes about 10,000 words every week, helping our clients engage new audiences, develop thought leadership, and dominate search engines.

Tyrel Tjoelker, digital marketer

Tyrel helps our clients (and often us!) understand the technical aspects of content marketing. He manages ad campaigns, digital product development, custom tutorials, and more.

Ryan Nelson, writer

Ryan dual-wields investigative and storytelling skills as an author at Overthink Group. He turns our client’s day-to-day operations into brilliant, compelling works of art.

Super specialists

Some projects need attention from people with superior skills in one area or another. When that happens, we pull talent from a pool of elite specialists.


We pull from a crew of stellar artists and designers to match your brand’s style.


Need a web app? A custom plugin? We’ll bring in the right developer to make it happen.

Subject-matter experts

We’ll pair subject-matter experts with our core team for extra-credible content.

Want to join the team?

Full disclosure: we’re really picky. Overthink team members have proven themselves with amazing work, and we don’t hire strangers.

So don’t be a stranger. Connect with one of us on Twitter. Build a relationship, and when the time, project, and client is right, we’ll tap you.