The Big 4 Content Marketing Methodologies

There are hundreds of content marketing tactics out there.
But the brands doing the best content marketing use a mix of four methodologies:
The craftsman methodology: Out-do your competitors' best content.
The Maverick methodology: Grab what competitors overlook.
Producer methodology: Publish more content than anyone else can
The Mad Scientist methodology: Create content that nobody can anticipate.

These are not mutually exclusive.
In fact, a good content strategy will use a mix of these.

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Methodology 1: The Craftsman

Beat your competitors at their own game

This method is all about finding content that’s already in high demand, and then creating the unbeatable, best-of-all-time version of that content.

It’s a highly, highly competitive methodology that pulls in long-term, evergreen traffic from search engines, social media, and influencers.

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Methodology 2: The Maverick

Pick up what they overlooked.

This style of content marketing focuses on the gaps your competitors left behind in their race to grab the marketplace. The Maverick methodology is the cheap-and-fast family of content marketing tactics that give you an edge—even if your competitors can outspend you.

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Methodology 3: The Producer

The Producer methodology is aggressive: it unleashes a never-ending fleet of content that keeps all eyes on you.

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Methodology 4: The Mad Scientist

Show them something completely new.

The Mad Scientist methodology is all about creating and promoting content that nobody in your market was anticipating. Content created in this vein brings in massive shares, news coverage, and a sweeping “Ooh-ahh” from your market.

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A good content marketing strategy is a mix

There’s no need to focus on only one of these methodologies: in fact, that’s a bad idea.

If you focus entirely on one, you become more vulnerable to your competitors. The right strategy will take into account the content landscape in your market, as well as your brand’s budget, team strengths, and capacity.

We help you build the winning strategy

When you work with Overthink Group, we analyze your market, interview your team, dig through your analytics, and use what we learn to create a custom, competitive mix of these four methodologies. Plus, we’ll work with you to create the content you need to pull them off.

Let’s talk about it. You can start a conversation my dropping us a note below.

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