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Sometimes it’s not enough to simply put out the best content in a category (like you would with Craftsman methods). Sometimes you need to completely reimagine what content marketing can look like.

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The Mad Scientist methodology is all about creating and promoting content that nobody in your market anticipated. Content created in this vein can bring in massive shares, news coverage, and a sweeping “Ooh-ahh” from your market.

You won’t find many established content marketing tactics that fall under the Mad Scientist umbrella. That’s because this is the stuff that’s never been done before. A good deal of outside-the-box viral campaigns rely on Mad Scientist methods.

Some notable examples include GE’s The Message sci-fi podcast (which hit #1 on iTunes in 2015), Hamburger Helper’s Watch the Stove mixtape, and LucidChart’s Doggo Lingo video.

Brands that use this methodology include:

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How the Mad Scientist works

This one may be the most self-explanatory of the Big 4: Mad Scientist content works because nobody sees it coming. It gets attention, rallies your audience, and wins new fans to the ranks.

(It also makes your competitors nervous.)

Balance and buzz

Balance and buzz

Mad Scientist techniques are all about the buzz. When executed well, this sort of content gets people talking about you. It gives you a surge in Web traffic. It gets you backlinks from news websites in your niche. It can even get you some coverage from big league news networks.

But getting it to work is a balancing act.

People want content that entertains and informs, not sales pitches. That means most Mad Scientist content steers clear of promotional flavor. However, you don’t want to completely de-brand your epic content—otherwise all that buzz won’t do anything for your business.

What does it look like?

The cool thing about Mad Scientist content is that the format doesn’t matter. It could be anything.

It just has to be something nobody in your market has done before.

Of the four content marketing methodologies, this one is the riskiest. The other three methodologies rely on some indications of existing demand—but not this one. The Mad Scientist sparks interest by making something nobody thought would exist. It could be an award-winning game-changer—or a very expensive flop.

But when it works, it really works.

Mad Scientist content marketing method

Does Mad Scientist belong in your strategy?

A smart content strategy mixes the four methodologies together. You don’t want all your chips riding on Mad Scientist content.

When you work with Overthink Group, we analyze your market, interview your team, dig through your analytics, and use what we learn to create a custom, competitive mix of the four content marketing methodologies, including the Mad Scientist. Plus, we’ll work with you to create the content you need to pull them off.

Let’s talk about it. You can start a conversation by dropping us a note below.

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