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Pick up what the others overlook.
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There’s always a handful of hot topics that everyone in your industry wants attention for. But as competition gets fiercer, returns diminish. What do you do when you want to attract an audience, but you can’t spend your entire content marketing budget chasing a few white whale topics?

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Enter the Maverick methodology, the family of scrappy, creative content marketing tactics. This style of content marketing focuses on finding the content gaps your competitors left behind in their race to the top.

Brands that use this methodology include:

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How the Maverick works

Imagine you’re a Viking.

You’re attending a feast in the great hall with all the other vikings. Everything on the table is going to be amazing.

But when you walk into the hall, you immediately see a problem: There are 50 Vikings in this hall, but only one turkey. And therefore, only two drumsticks. You know there’s going to be an all-out brawl: every Viking wants one of those drumsticks.

You’re seated a long way down the table from that turkey. Plus, you’d have to claw your way past Olaf the Large to get any closer. Your odds of getting a drumstick aren’t good.

So you let the other folks fight it out—while you fill your plate with other goodies: ham, pudding, and yams. Since everyone else is focused on the most desirable prize, you get your pick of everything else!

That’s how the Maverick works

Content marketers often find themselves in a similar situation. Your competitors want to go viral around certain topics. They want to rank #1 for some of those golden search terms. They’re all making the same kind of content and promoting it on the same channels. [These competitors are focused on the obvious.]

You could pursue the same prize they are—but that’s where the fighting is fierce. Or you could grow your audience by taking the conversation in a different direction altogether.

What does the market want?What does your market want?

The nuts and bolts of Maverick content marketing are pretty straightforward: you’re following audience demand, just not the same demand that your competitors are.

You start by studying your market. Discover what they’re Googling, what they’re sharing, and what problems they’re trying to solve.

What are your competitors vying for?

Now it’s time to analyze your competitors’ efforts. What are they spending their ad money on? What content are they producing? What channels are they using? What keywords are they pulling in traffic for?

Go Maverick

Look at what your market is interested in, and compare that to what your competitors are getting attention for. What have they overlooked?

That’s what you focus on.

What does Maverick content look like?

Maverick content can take just about any format. We’ve seen it work with blog posts, infographics, webinars, and more. The focus isn’t on what kind of content you’re making: it’s on winning the corners of the market your competitors overlooked. Sometimes that involves honing in on particular niches. Sometimes that looks like targeting SEO traffic that your competitors aren’t vying for. Sometimes it means mastering a channel that your competitors haven’t forayed into yet.

Of the four methodologies, Maverick is the least dependent on budget. A small company can go Maverick to outwit larger, less adaptive marketing teams in the industry. Likewise, a large company can use their budget and influence to sweep up overlooked market share with ease.

It all comes down to whether or not your content marketing strategy is comprehensive enough to find that low-hanging fruit, and grab it.

Maverick content marketing looks like

Does Maverick content belong in your strategy?

When you work with Overthink Group, we analyze your market, interview your team, dig through your analytics, and use what we learn to create a custom, competitive mix of the four content marketing methodologies, including the Maverick. Plus, we’ll work with you to create the content you need to pull them off.

Let’s talk about it.

You can start a conversation my dropping us a note below.

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