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Quality without quantity can only take you so far.
Producer content marketing methodology

The Producer methodology is about flooding the market with your content.

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A competitive content marketing strategy should position you as an authority in your market—whether you’re a newcomer or a long-time established brand. One of the surest ways to do this is by always having something new and valuable to contribute.

That’s where the Producer shines. This family of tactics doesn’t settle for a steady stream of content. It creates a rushing river. Because sometimes one blog post a week isn’t enough—you need to keep your people engaged with you, and continuously give them reasons to tell their friends and coworkers about you, too.

Quick point of clarity: While some Producer tactics do focus on overwhelming your competition, this is not about overwhelming your customers. Nobody likes being on the receiving end of a barrage.

When you see brands producing an insane amount of new content every single month, week, or even day, you’re witnessing the Producer at work.

Brands that use this methodology include:

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How the Producer works

More content, better decisions

Let’s say you take a traditional approach to content production: one email a week, one blog post a week, and one ebook a quarter. You could do that for a year across four content topics, look at the results, and guess which topics are most engaging to your audience.

But a Producer-heavy strategy would do it differently. You’d publish that whole year’s worth of content in the first quarter. You’d have better data, and you could learn about your market far more quickly than you would taking the traditional approach.

This is one of the biggest advantages Producer content gives companies in growth mode. But it’s not the only one.

More content, broader market

If you only have capacity to put out a few pieces of content every quarter, then you generally need to dial that content in on a specific audience.

But if you adopt a higher-output strategy, then you can keep multiple market segments engaged. You’re not spending each piece of content keeping your existing audience engaged. Instead, you can continue attracting new segments while giving your existing leads a steady flow of relevant content to them.

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More content, fuller funnel

When you have a massive library of content, your leads never run out of ways to engage with you. You’re not locked into one top-of-funnel ebook, one mid-funnel webinar, and one bottom-of-funnel needs assessment.
Producer-heavy strategies give your leads a host of content to explore. They’re not strictly getting big pushes toward the next funnel milestone. Instead, they’re constantly getting little nudges toward conversion.

More content, bigger impact

The Producer gives you a psychological edge, too. You give the people in your market a jaw-dropping smorgasbord of blog posts, infographics, videos, and more.

Casper does this marvelously on their (multiple) blogs. Take a look around and you immediately know that these folks know a lot about sleep. They have more to say about how people (and dogs!) sleep than you ever thought there was to say. And the content keeps on coming.
Producer content sends a signal to your audience that you know what you’re talking about, and that you’re the expert. It’s the ultimate way of saying, “We’re the masters of this topic—we can talk about it all day.”

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Then there’s the robots to consider

The Producer gives you some behind-the-scenes technical advantages, too. For example, more content on your site gives people more pages to visit—which can both lower your bounce rate and boost time on site.

Bottom line: for the right players, upping content output can net some huge wins in both the short and long term.

What does Producer content look like?

The Producer is aggressive: it unleashes a never-ending fleet of content that keeps all eyes on you. Producer-heavy content marketing strategies often leverage short-form think pieces, memes, explainers, and case studies. But make no mistake: this doesn’t preclude long-form, in-depth resources. Several companies, like Pushpay and Buffer, produce several long-form pieces every month for their audience.

Producer content marketing is aggressive

Does Producer content belong in your strategy?

When you work with Overthink Group, we analyze your market, interview your team, dig through your analytics, and use what we learn to create a custom, competitive mix of the four content marketing methodologies, including the Producer. Plus, we’ll work with you to create the content you need to pull them off.

Let’s talk about it.

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