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Issue #1: patreon asks for help and other short stories
Hubspot’s top 10 lead magnets. Facebook’s paying gamers.
Published 2/5/18

Issue #2: worst popover ever
Categories vs. tags, Casper’s content marketing strategy, 10 fantastic email onboarding sequences, and other short stories.
Published 2/12/18

Issue #3: why Google doesn’t care about your “target keyword”
Also, it’s not just you. Young’uns are leaving FB.
Published 2/19/18

Issue #4: a million low-income millennials
Google stories? Stash teardown. KFC. Growth hacking.
Published 2/26/18

Issue #5: Be prepared: 2020 is the year of voice search
Twitter bein’ responsible, Fishkin’s new gig, word count and voice
Published 3/5/18

Issue #6: drat: fake news beats truth
Twitter hoaxes. A big ol’ B2B SEO guide. Does Google index Tweets?
Published 3/12/18

Issue #7: what the h*kk is RankBrain?
“Don’t share, don’t care.” Friends don’t let friends blog on subdomains.
Published 3/19/18

Issue #8: this was supposed to be about SERPS
But then Facebook had to go and ruin it.
Published 3/26/18

Issue #9: the Facebook fiasco, explained
3 big problems with Facebook’s situation. Domain Authority is not a thing.
Published 4/2/18

Issue #10: featured snippets episode + 37M more pieces of bad news
All Google’s rich features, and how to get into some of ‘em.
Published 4/9/18

Issue #11: From 3k to 10k words a week
Also, come on, congress.
Published 4/16/18

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