We do content marketing & SEO

Here’s a look at what that entails.

Content marketing & SEO strategy

For clients who hate blogging (or vlogging, or tweeting) in the dark.

  • Competitive content analysis
  • Concept and keyword research
  • Audience journey mapping
  • Content architecture
  • Editorial calendar & content governance
  • Content inventory auditing
  • Strategic documents and presentations

We’ll help you make sure your existing and future content is set up to help you and your audience.

Content creation

For clients who want to amp up production. (We write and/or design.)

  • Web copy (blog posts, landing pages, pillar pages, etc.)
  • Lead magnets (ebooks, checklists, templates, etc.)
  • Infographics & data visualization
  • Case studies & interviews
  • Email (nurture campaigns, drips, onboarding sequences, etc.)

NOTE: Ghostwriting for your in-house subject matter experts is no problemo.

Training & consulting

For clients who want to grow their own experts.

  • Strategic presentations for executives
  • Tactical workshops for practitioners

There’s no secret sauce here—we’ll teach you what we know.

Content promotion

For clients who want their content to get seen.

  • Social media marketing
  • Email promotion
  • PPC & retargeting

What will it cost?

Your price depends on your needs (not your budget). You can learn more about our different types of engagements here, but you can expect to spend between a one-time $5k project and a $30k/month retainer.

Let's be friends

Here we are at the bottom of the page. We've done a lot of talking—but we'd love to hear what you have to say. Want to chat about content marketing and SEO strategy?

Let’s make it happen.