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Overthink Group is a strategic content marketing and SEO agency. We help companies grow by planning and making Free Helpful Stuff.

Great content deserves great strategy


If you want to grow, “great content” alone is not enough. Your content needs to be relevant, timely, and competitive. It’s tough to do that on a post-by-post basis. But a data-driven strategy makes it easy and repeatable. That’s what we’re here for.

We analyze data …

Our content analyses find and predict the content your market wants.

… to create a clear content strategy …

Data-driven content saves your team from keyword quicksand and free you to produce content with confidence.

… that grows your audience.

Engaging content attracts traffic and leads, and it keeps the tribe you have engaged.  

We do the heavy lifting.

We often lend a hand in production, too. We write long-form Web pages, we design infographics, and we create unbelievably popular lead magnets.

We made this for you

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A Peek Inside Opendoor’s Content Marketing Strategy

Technology is changing how we do everything, including how we buy and sell homes. For example, much like how robo-advisors are using software to democratize investing, platforms like Opendoor allow people to immediately get offers on their houses, instead of going...

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Why You Should Balance Paid and Organic Search Marketing

Search marketing involves a mix of paid and organic methods—but those behave differently over time. I take a look at why good organic search marketing tends to increase in ROI over time, while even the best paid campaigns will simmer down. Why paid marketing ROI...

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Peek inside Charles Schwab’s content marketing strategy

Financial tech startups are shaking up the way consumers think about money, and the titans of finance are taking notice. Ellevest helps professional women invest in ways that account for (and fight back against) financial inequality. Stash helps low-income millennials...

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