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5 SEO Lessons from Zapier’s Best Blog Post

If you've done much content marketing in the SaaS world, you've probably spent some time on the Zapier blog. Zapier is a tech company that helps people integrate various tools—even if they're not developers. Zapiers gets apps like Google Sheets, Box, and Salesforce to...

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4 SEO Lessons from Fitbit’s Best Blog Post

It's easy to think of startup marketing as completely spend-driven: companies come up with a product, and then dump millions of dollars into ads. This goes double for consumer tech startups. It's easy to fall into the cycle of paid advertising addiction. That's one...

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A Peek Inside Opendoor’s Content Marketing Strategy

Technology is changing how we do everything, including how we buy and sell homes. For example, much like how robo-advisors are using software to democratize investing, platforms like Opendoor allow people to immediately get offers on their houses, instead of going...

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